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60cm Soft Mats

The larger 60cm soft mat is a very popular floor mat, with the widest range of uses. It’s interlocking design, durability and generous 12mm thickness makes it a perfect all-rounder for any play area! Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours to create a unique floor layout!

SIZE: 60cm x 60cm x 12mm
USES: Play Areas, Soft Play, Baby Gym, Nursery, Events, Displays, Exhibitions.

Top-up 60cm Soft Mats

You can now buy single 60cm soft mats in any colour from our range. Expand your existing floor area or replace tired mats to freshen up your look!


60cm Soft Mats – Handy 6 Packs

Handy sized packs of quality EVA foam mats (60cm x 60cm x 12mm) covering 1.5m2 (approx) with attachable edges. Combine different colour packs to create your own unique floor layout!

£29.94 inc. Vat

60cm Soft Mats - Value Packs

Buying for large areas? Save more per mat with our value pack quality EVA foam mats (60cm x 60cm x 12mm).