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Sensory Learning Mats

Soft foam play mats and toys with mixed textures, vibrant patterns and pop-out shapes

Our sensory play mats come in a variety of unique designs that are characterized by their vibrant colours and diverse textural variety. They have been carefully designed to provide an optimal sensory experience for children, by engaging their sense of touch and sight. The bright colours not only make the mats appealing to children, but also stimulate their visual senses, aiding their cognitive development and colour recognition abilities. Moreover, each mat features a different mix of stimulating textures. From smooth to rough, soft to hard, each texture encourages children to explore with their hands and feet, promoting their tactile awareness and sensory development. These textures also provide a fun and safe environment for children to develop their motor skills and coordination.

We also produce a range educational play mats featuring pop-out letters, numbers and shapes. These are particularly popular in learning environments, such as schools and pre-schools. You can also but individual mats to create your own words or spell out your name (colours random).

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