Large Soft Touch Safety Mats 40mm (Red Green)

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Large 1m x 1m x 40mm thick safety mats with soft-touch surface (Green/Red).


These large 1m (40mm thick) interlocking safety mats are extremely popular to protect against hard floor areas in halls and gyms. Made from high-quality, closed-cell EVA foam, they are reversible and combine a smooth, soft touch surface (green) on one side, with a tatami weave effect (red) on the other. They are quick to lay as needed and can be stored away easily. Supplied with two removable straight edges per tile for a perfect finish!

Good to know

All our soft mats are made from the same, high-quality, closed-cell (non-absorbing) EVA foam, which is 100% non-toxic, odourless and latex free. For peace of mind, see our latest test results.